mittheteam_img1Tammy Preast & Shelly Dueck
Alpha Dog & Fairy Dogmother

I have an innate love for animals. My entrepreneurial side compliments this, which is why I manage Love on a Leash Trusted Dog Care Services as the “Alpha Dog!”

Our company was born out of my frustrations, looking to secure proper pet care for my senior dogs, Casey & Finnigan. It was difficult to find someone trustworthy, loving and reliable to care for them properly when I wanted to take a vacation.

In 2008 Love on a Leash was launched and we’re proud to say that over the years, it has become very successful!

Our tag line is “Peace of Mind and a Happy Pooch!”

With twelve caregivers on our team our little boutique dog business caters to those dog parents who would like a comforting, positive environment for their pooches.

We give your furry friend loads of personal one-on-one time, walks, treats and special outings. Our dog care is like summer camp for kids… in fact, it’s even better!

My wonderful sister, Shelly Preast-Dueck, aka “Fairy Dogmother” came on board with Love on a Leash in May of 2009 as my business partner and fellow dog caregiver.

With more than 28 years of experience with dogs, Shelly’s knowledge of dogs is incredible. Her passion for animals is evident and displayed on a daily basis with the patience and love she bestows on each and every dog in her care.

She is truly a “Fairy Dogmother” and calmly leads her pack each day at her Love on a Leash facility, offering more than 14,000 square feet of fenced in yard for dogs to frolic & play.

It’s true: A stay with Love on a Leash is like Summer Camp for dogs, 365 days a year!


Ryley-BickerdikeRyley Bickerdike

Ryley’s list of things she loves has “dog” rated in the number one spot! She grew up around dogs and has always had pups in her life. Although Ryley would LOVE to have a dog of her own full-time she’s not quite ready to take that next step, so lovingly caring for your dog, with Love on a Leash, is the perfect way to have a dog in her life…

Ryley is an interior designer, working from home, which makes being a dog care giver very accessible for her. In other words: your pooch will get lots of time and attention and as much exercise as they’d like! She lives in a cozy dog friendly apartment with her animal loving roommate, Sophie, in the South Granville Street area, conveniently close to False Creek and many other great dog walking areas.

Ryley leads an active lifestyle with lots of running and hiking. Should your dog be up for that level of activity, they are welcome to come along, and if quiet strolls thru the neighborhood are more your dog’s “thing” then Ryley will ensure that’s what they get instead.

Ryley loves all breeds of dogs and is always excited to meet a new pooch and welcome them into her home & her heart!


Lori Baker

Lori has had dogs in her family her entire life. She’s lovingly raised large and small breeds of dogs alike and they’ve always been a stalwart and enjoyable aspect of her life. Lori owns a Boston Terrier mix “Big” who is the most social, adorable, and mellow old man you can imagine.

Together Lori and Big stroll their beautiful neighborhood of Kits Point in Vancouver. Lori’s daily routine suits dog life perfectly. She is an avid green thumb who putters in her garden, with pooches lounging, but she also gets out to visit & meander thru beautiful Kits Point Park and the dog beach daily. Lori is semi-retired and works from home, which allows her to spend ample time with all sorts of furry four-legged creatures.

Lori is active and will happily treat your pooch to all the exercise your dog requires and will love it like her very own.


Janet Ross

Janet Ross is a Vancouver gal who grew up in this city with a number of boisterous Black Labs and two cats! Animals are part of her D.N.A.

She has spent 25 years living abroad, in a country house in Italy, which wouldn’t have been complete without a menagerie of pets including a horse, 5 cats, and her dog Coco.

Janet moved back to Vancouver a few years ago and is happily settled into her home-town although she will always miss the connection she had with her animals in Italy. Currently living in the South Granville area with her animal loving partner, Steven, Janet & Steven welcome dogs into their home on a regular basis. Both Janet & Steven are flexible with their living arrangements, have a pet friendly car, and are happy to house & pet sit while spending quality, caring time with your beloved furkids.

Janet & Steven are always up for a dog walk, and available for weekend or long term house sits. This dynamic duo are tidy, reliable, quiet, non-smokers, physically active and both are true animal lovers through and through, which makes them ideal for holiday house & pet sitting!



Jennifer McMullan maintains that she’s had an intense and abiding love of animals since almost before she can remember. A pet owner all her life, Jennifer began handling dogs in the show-ring at just four years of age. Competing in Junior Showmanship at dog shows, she won the BC zone champion finals at just 13 and was thrilled when, as a result, she and her Irish Setter, Courtney, were flown to Toronto to compete against the top juniors in the country. “I have traveled all over Canada and the United States,” says Jennifer, “showing, working and training my client’s dogs. Handling, dog nutrition, training and being with dogs is my passion.”

In high school, Jennifer volunteered at her local SPCA where she learned that her love of dogs transferred very easily to the canines in the deepest need.

“At the SPCA,” Jennifer says, “I would assist in walking, socializing, and feeding the dogs that were brought into the kennels. In many cases the dogs would come in as rescues, or owner surrendered, and were in a sad state or badly abused.” Jennifer would help with grooming and bathing the dogs knowing that they would be more comfortable and feel better.

Her passion for pets extends to helping raise funds for dogs in need and she has worked with several doggy fundraisers on the Lower Mainland.

Married now and living on acreage in Abbotsford, Jenn has a lovely mini-version of our Love on a Leash in the Country and welcomes your beloved pooches to come stay at her home and enjoy her little slice of doggy heaven.


Denice-CookAja Geddes

Aja’s biggest problem is getting anything done when there is a dog in the vicinity! Wherever she is and whatever she is doing, she stops for all wagging tales and wet noses. Aja’s love of dogs started young, as she grew up with a rescue named Ribsy, and she is already THE go to pet sitter for friends and family.

Aja started her own dog centered company Little Spoon & Co as an excuse to kidnap her friends’ dogs and take them to markets and photo-shoots to model her products. Aja and her partner, Kimisha, aren’t ready to take the plunge towards full time dog ownership yet, however they are available to welcome your four-legged furkids into their home and shower them with love. Be ready for lots of photo “pupdates” if your pup stays with her and possibly some instagram fame!

Living within walking distance of Trout Lake means lots of walkies daily and hiking or even runs on the weekends if your fur friends are up for it. Aja and Kimisha live in a detached “pet friendly” house in East Vancouver and have plenty of indoor space to play in as well as a small yard. Working as a teacher in a dog friendly school means that there is the possibility of joining her at school from time to time, if your dog likes kids and if not, Kimisha works from home so your precious pooch will have two floors to roam around on and get lots of TLC from him until Aja returns home to the “pack”.

Denice-CookDenice Cook

Denice believes that dogs are pure love. Though Labs have an extra special place in her heart, especially her past beloved Lab, Ben, Denice believes that all breeds are special in their own very unique ways. She has been looking forward to joining the Love On A Leash Team for some time. Since her retirement, after 20 years as a special education assistant in the Fraser Valley, Denice returned to Vancouver into the heart of Kitsilano. She looks forward to sharing her suite and Kits Point neighborhood with many different Love on a Leash dog friends. There is a lot of walking to share on these lovely streets, the beach and the sea wall.

Denice now works from home, on a flexible schedule, so will be happy to offer love and companionship to the dogs in her care. Denice plans to spend some of her time volunteering with therapy dogs, and is interested in volunteering with PADS (Pacific Assistant Dog Society). Photography & super cool sock monkeys are some of her many hobbies, and pet portraits will be her next focus.


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