Kari Staten

Kari and her husband, Darren live in a condo in bustling Yaletown, home of great uber dog boutiques and many precious pooches…It’s an ideal little dog-community!

Kari is the jewellery designer behind the ZUKA line, with her studio located in her home.

“To work with dogs has always been a dream of mine and the ability to care for someone’s pet is a wonderful honor and a unique chance to make that dream come true.   Sadly, we lost our beloved Havanese boy, Kai, to cancer in 2016, and are still working thru our grief. While our hearts aren’t quite ready for another pooch in our life, on a full-time basis, we are happily ready to offer love & care to all the beloved Love on a Leash dogs who come visit. Knowing how important Kai was to us, I want to offer the same love, attention and cuddles for someone else’s dog.  We can offer that “home away from home” so people don’t have to worry about their kidlets while they are away.” says Kari.

In the past, her love for dogs even made its way into Kari’s work, with the addition of “Zuka Pooch” a small fashion accessory collection for stylish pups…