Ellen Ho

Ellen Ho is a reputable, professional photographer in Vancouver who is also a full-time dog lover. Growing up with dogs, and enjoying their company, piqued Ellen’s interest in dog psychology.

Because of Ellen’s passion for dogs, and to help her grieve the loss of her own special pooch, she made the decision in early 2013 to train as a professional dog-handler and embarked on a professional course to better hone her canine understanding, skills, & training techniques.

Living in the vibrant and up-and-coming Mount Pleasant area close to the Olympic Village, Ellen loves taking dogs for walks around the seawall. Being a self-employed photographer with a flexible schedule, she also loves taking dogs to doggie beaches, parks, and forests for walks whenever she can. She enjoys taking photos of the dogs while she’s out with them.

Ellen believes in treating all dogs with positive reinforcement. She believes that the ingredients of a happy and balanced dog include providing them with love, proper care, regular walks, routine, rules and boundaries, and understanding them completely. She says “Happy dog, happy owner!”

Ellen is available for overnight dog boarding including daily walks of course, she can also dog sit in your home, and even provide her amazing dog photography skills when requested.