Pet Friendly Fundraising Events from Love on a Leash

Love on a Leash Trusted Dog Care Services believes very strongly in giving back to our community. We have a strong track record of creating events and providing special services for the industry in general, and pet welfare in particular.

Love on a Leash owner, Tammy Preast, started LOAL in 2008, wanting to combine her knowledge and love for dogs with her strong professional organizational and planning skills. As she had a successful background in event planning and management, the calibre of some of the dog-focused events she attended was not as high as she would have liked to have seen. She knew that dog owners in the city are sophisticated and were longing to bring their pets to dog friendly, fun events that were social and appealing: the kind of thing that would make for a real city experience: out for the day or evening… but with pets!

Tammy set out to create the pet-friendly events she felt Vancouver was ready for… and she was happy to discover that Vancouver pet owners agreed. The need in the city for the type of events she was envisioning was indeed real. Since 2009, Tammy and her team have created and hosted many successful pet friendly events, including the following:

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Check this page for updated information on coming events, or click here to subscribe and get an invitation to all of our pet friendly events delivered right to your e-mailbox.