Dan & Arcelia

Dan and Arcelia have a great love for the outdoors, like to go on walks & hikes, and would love to have your beloved four-legged buddy join them.  They have parks and walking trails nearby and are always happy to open their doors to provide a home-away-from-home while you’re away!

While you’re travelling, this couple is happy to provide playtime, belly rubs, exercise and yummy treats as you instruct. They will respect the guidelines you have for your pets and make sure your beloved pooch feels safe, comfortable and loved!

They will only take one guest at a time to ensure that your pet will not feel overwhelmed or neglected.  Dan & Arcelia live in a quiet household with a backyard.  Although not professional photographers, they enjoy taking pictures of your loved ones while they are on a walk, resting at home, or perhaps even learning new tricks…

“Simply said, dogs are truly amazing!”